During the medico-legal process, delays in accessing expert medical opinions can significantly disrupt functional recovery and rehabilitation.

When you work with us, the NRC Consultant is part of your team, providing ongoing clinical supervision and support for multi-disciplinary therapists, community services and your client at every stage.

Having a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine on your team cuts out the risk of inappropriate referral or delays to rehabilitation. Case managers benefit from fast and easy access to the Consultant when necessary and the continuity in clinical expertise is invaluable to the ongoing oversight of the entire rehabilitation programme. Clients benefit from improved, timely, high-quality clinical care.

The Consultant’s oversight ensures any potential complications are identified early along with strategies for avoiding them. The Consultant is ideally placed to prescribe and adjust medication to treat pain, spasticity, or mental health concerns.

The Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine can make referrals to other experts as necessary from neuropsychological and psychiatric support to address behaviours and mood disorders that could hinder rehabilitation progress, to referrals for investigation or intervention to support the patient’s broader recovery programme.

Have a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine on your team

To appoint a rehabilitation consultant to work as part of your team, request a call back or contact us directly.

“Recently, a multi-disciplinary team asked me about adjusting medication in light of seizure activity in a patient – a question which the team and GP would have had to refer to an NHS consultant to answer if I didn’t already have this oversight. This would have led to a delay for this patient in receiving the right medication and care. I was then able to offer the team further advice on medication and what they should look out for as the patient progresses along their rehabilitation journey.”

Dr Colin Pinder, NRC Clinical Practice

How it works

Continuity of care

Better outcomes with the Rehabilitation Prescription